Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Photo Tagging made easy in Social Networking Sites

Last week Orkut launched a face detection feature which automatic detects faces in your orkut album photos.Please remember, this will work with all the new photos that you upload.This means that you will not see the changes till the time you upload new photos.Orkut says that the algorithm used to detect the faces is not perfect and may not work properly with difficult lighting ,poses, etc.

It has also made the tagging process easier by introducing an auto-fill feature which suggests names from your friends list while tagging.I think the next logical step for orkut will be to provide a way to apply the same technique to the existing uploaded photos.One more thing I would like to see is ,it should remember the tag associated with a particular face and tag it automatically with the same name when I upload another photo having the same face.

On 21st , launched an application called Photo Tagger for facebook users which can scan through the selected albums to help automate the tagging process.It will be able to suggest tags after scanning and once you confirm the tags,the application will automatically push the tags and will notify the tagged people.The bad news ,photo Tagger is currently in alpha .If you want to help Photo Tagger in testing then you can register to join the testers group.

From about this particular feature :
In our tests, the most common mistake it made was to identify a picture of a friend's child as the friend themselves - a problem that has a lot to do with how facial features between related family members are so alike. But for the most part, the app identified photos correctly.

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