Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Super-trustworthy anti-fishing key:new in GMail Labs

GMail introduced a new interesting labs feature to protect the inboxes from spam and phising.It ensures that the email is actually from the intended person (for eBay and PayPal Now).
It does that by checking the "From" header and ensuring that it actually came from ebay.com . All other mails won't even appear in the spam folder and will be rejected by Gmail.

This is what GMail says in its blog post:
It's a bit of work for senders to make their email super-trustworthy, which is why this feature is limited to just eBay and PayPal right now. We hope to add more senders in the future, and when we do, you'll know because you'll see the super-trustworthy key icon magically appear by those senders too.
You can enable it by going to Labs tab under settings .

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