Friday, September 11, 2009

Facebook Lite :Should you try it?

Facebook has launched a new lighter and cleaner version called Facebook Lite.If you are some one who is not in love with facebook apps then you will surely love it.To make the page lighter and nicer it has taken away many things in the lighter version.

So what are the main differences?

1.The page layout has improved greatly.It looks less cluttered.
2.No facebook Apps.
3.No facebook proper that you are used to see in the bottom of your page.
4.Friend suggestion list has increased from 1 to 3. is now a 2 column page instead of the earlier 3 column page.Left most column which used to have links for News Feed,Pages,photos etc has been removed.
6.Events menu has been added to the top toolbar.
7.No groups,Notes and chat.

Twitter ,Yahoo meme and Now Facebook Lite:We need a service which will integrate all the three.

All in all the interface really looks nice .readwriteweb describes this as the twitter Imitation in its blog post.Now the big question ,Should you go for it or no? In my opinion you should definitely go for it if you are not addicted to facebook Apps.

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