Friday, September 11, 2009

This week: in the Web

This post represents the top social media news in the current week in no particular order.

1.Twitter changes Terms Of Service.
2.Skype removes Developer Program Extras.
3.Facebook launches Facebook Lite.Adds @ Tagging To Status Updates.Open Sources FriendFeed’s RealTime technology.
4.Automatic,the parent company of WordPress acquires Spellcheck Plug-In After The Enables RSSCloud to bring all the blogs into real-time.
5.Google Rolls Out A Larger Search Box.
6.Netex Corporation, an Israeli Company scored a US Patent on an internet search option that has the potential to earn millions in royalties.
7.Blogger releases Jump tag and event calendar as part of 10th Birthday Celebration.
8.Salesforce announced a significant upgrade to its product Service Cloud,-Now called "Service Cloud 2".

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