Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yahoo meme:My First Impression

As we all know Yahoo launched its own microblogging service Yahoo meme in English some time back.Yahoo had first launched the product in portuguese.I left my eMail id hoping to get an account on 1st september(It is still in invitation mode).Today I was plesantly surprised to see the activation mail in my mail box.

I immediately activated the account and checked what is there inside meme.

You can give a description ,title and picture for your account.
You can post text ,photo,a video or a music link and find what is popular.
You can select Themes ,invite friends,find other interesting memes and follow them.Updates from those memes will appear in your stream.You can also ‘Repost’ other's entry.

When I compare this with Twitter ,I feel it has a long way to go.So what is missing when you compare this with twitter?

1.It does not allow me to save the search query.I also felt that search was not up to the mark.
2.Does not have RSS feed support.
3.Does not have a mobile version.
4.Does not have a public API (Atleast I was not able to find it.The API is available through YQL though.
5.You can not send a private message to other memes.
6.You do not need an approval to follow others.

Over all it is lacking in many features in its current form and looks very mediocore .If you still want to give it a try then drop me a mail.I have 7 invitations with me.

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