Sunday, October 25, 2009

Customize Blogger Title and URL

If you have a blogger account ,you know that it automatically generates the URL from the Title when you publish a post for the first time.Some days back I did a spelling mistake in my title and came to know about it after I published the article.Then I just corrected the Title and re published it.

After this I realized that this can be used to user's advantage.Sometimes You want to have a Long Title .If you put that title at the beginning then Blogger will automatically shrink it because of URL length restriction and the meaning will get distorted.To avoid this you can think about a different short URL and publish your atricle first with that as the Title.Once published you edit the article and re publish it by changing the title to the original title you thought in the beginning.

For example the post Who says RSS is Dead has the title as Google Reader adds magic:Gives you another reason to believe that RSS is not dead yet and URL as .To do this I first published the article with the title as "Who says RSS is Dead" and then republished it by editing the title to have the long title.This can also be used as an SEO technique to improve your ranking on search result pages.

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