Thursday, October 1, 2009

Google announced more search options to refine the search results

Back in may Google introduced a side panel called Search Options to help users refine the results .Today it announced that it is adding few more Search Options based on the positive feed back it has received from the users.

To be precise it has added nine new Search Options:past hour, specific date range, more shopping sites, fewer shopping sites, visited pages, not yet visited, books, blogs and news. It said that the features are being rolled out gradually and will be available in English by end of today.

I did a quick check and found that I am able to see past hour and specific date range.Some of them according to me are really significant.

Update:I checked and found that some more options are now still shows fewer options.

Take for example Past hour ,Now you can refine your search results in the last hour.This was possible in google by changing the URL parameters but now google has made it official.

Using Visited pages you can see the pages you have already visited ,or you can filter out the sites you have Not yet visited.Find more details about all the search options in this blog post.

Watch this video from google to know more about the search options.

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